Ljana Vimont

A little bit about me

I started this blog as a virtual window to share some of my passions: food, travel and fashion. Having grown up as a TCK (third culture kid) moving every three years from country to country, I fell in love with exploring the world and learning about new and exciting cultures. I have now lived in eight countries and speak three languages. I

majored in finance at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I then got a job right after graduating at Procter & Gamble in finance managing a portfolio of Cosmetics, Hair Care, and Colour brands.  After over two years with P&G and knowing my job would not satiate my craving for exploration I made the decision to move to a smaller
design agency called Stinson Design in Toronto. My passions include kitesurfing in new spots, cooking exotic food, meeting people from different parts of the globe, and working on projects that might change the world! I also enjoy playing tennis, salsa dancing (on 2), diving, racing golf-carts and rock climbing.

I'm an explorer trying to squeeze everything possible into 24hrs